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_October 3, 2012


Download Priscilla’s new single ‘Fever’ on & itunes.


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_December20, 2015


Priscillas's Latest release,

"I wish you a Merry Christmas".


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_October 1, 2012


Priscilla aunches her debut

album  titled "Like No Other".


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Welcome to my world. what inspires me:

Priscilla’s goal is to be a global superstar, showcasing her creativity through music and dance. Priscilla is an artist, singer and dancer.

Although my music is influenced by The Beatles, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga and Madonna, I intend to bring a new flavor to Pop music while staying true to her latin roots.

Life is wonderful, always new.

Music like Life, it should never repeat itself or it will lose its freshness and the precense of  eternal love which resides in our hearts.

Love is so misunderstood, what words would I sing, that you know your heart.

Priscilla Carrion P.
 Born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico.
She is currently working on her self-titled debut album featuring 10 original pop songs in English, Spanish and Portuguese.﷯ This sense of artistic exploration is no surprise for Priscilla coming from a family of prominent musicians and producers. Singing and recording radio jingles since the early age of 6, she has established her unique sound and style. She started her career three years ago in the international band Grupo ELE. Singing various musical genres have increased her appreciation
for different styles of music and produced a growing fan base.
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There's a project on a couple of new videos to come up this year and in the month of May a personal presentation, to all those fans that are interested  more details, will be posted very soon!

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 Latest News and Music Events. Like No Other, new cd launch. Christmas theme,/Latest release. Priscilla's first single "Fever" “Bonita’s Got Talent”

_ August 18 2015

Priscilla  launches her debut album titled "Like No Other". - Discover a sexy new sound. A very caliente Debut Album with upbeat, funky and irresistible beats.

_ December 20 2016

Priscillas's Latest release,

"I wish yo a Merry Christmas,

I wish you all".

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_ October 3, 2012

Fever single out Now!!

You can now download Priscilla’s new single ‘Fever’ on & itunes.

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_ October 1, 2012

Priscilla to make guest appearance on “Bonita’s Got Talent” on Saturday October 6, 2012

Come see me, I always want to meet new fans.


  • Priscilla's Debut Performance at the Avant Garde Costume Gala.


     _July 14 2015


    Priscilla's New CD "Like No Other" presentation at the Avant Garde Costume Gala in Balboa Park, San Diego Ca. was a success.


    Watch and enjoy "Like  no other" on You tube, click here.

  • Like No Other, Download here!


    Priscilla "The Empress of Pop", artist and singer originally from Tijuana, Mexico releases her debut album titled "Like No Other". on: Aug 18, 2015

    ℗ 2015 Priscilla


    Available download in: by song by CD by CD


  •  Click here for sull song list :


    10 Mastered Tracks

    preview these songs at and download by song.


    1-  Like No Other

    2-  The One

    3-  Surf's Up

    4-  Mr. Right

    5-  E a Vida Segue

    6-  For Life

    7-  Money Is What Money Does

    8-  Party Bus

    9-  Johnny D

    10- I Need a Man

    Buy the CD in and




Dear fans, thank you for kind support I hope to deliver your expectations that is my my daily commitment and efforts, my inspiration comes from my familie's love and support and the hope that we as human beings can change the world for the better, thank you for being there, contact me and let me know your comments.

with Love.

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